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I have placed an order, when will I get my unit?

Units are shipped out in accordance to the order in which purchases were made. This means that the first purchase is shipped first, the second purchase is shipped after that etc’. This means that the sooner you place an order, the faster you will get the unit. In addition, “power bundle” orders enjoy early access status and are shipped out of the first batches.

My purchase forms are submitted but I haven’t paid for my order yet.
Is my place in the shipment queue kept?

An order is not considered complete until payment is made. If you are paying with a wire transfer, make sure you get a confirmation note from us.

How do I upgrade the the unit firmware?

In the management console, under firmware upgrade, there is a button that you can click to upgrade your firmware. clicking the button will upgrade to the latest version available.

What's the SP30 unit hash rate?

The SP30 unit hash rate is 4.5Th/s +/- 5%. The variance depends on the temperature of the room. In a colder room the miner will mine up to 15% more bitcoins.

What's the SP31 unit hash rate?

The SP31 unit hash rate is 5.5 Th/s +/- 5%. The variance depends on the temperature of the room. In a colder room the miner will mine up to 15% more bitcoins.

How many Bitcoins will the unit produce in one day?

That of course depends on the difficulty at given moment. There are several calculators available online, just enter the rate for your miner.

Where should I put the unit?
What should be the room temperature?

The lower the temperature, the more the unit will mine. But be aware of the noise levels. Also, be aware that the unit gets very hot at the bottom so it would not be good idea to put it on a wooden floor.

What’s the unit power consumption “at the wall”?

The units will be using 3kW off the wall. Please note that we highly recommend using a 220V power outlet for maximum performance. 

I’m trying to place an order but I can’t choose my country, why?

We deliver to most countries in the world, however there are some countries who aren’t supported yet. Feel free to contact us to see if we have an alternative solution for your specific location.

What type of mounting ears are required?

There is a variety of rack mounting ears you may use and several sites you can order them from (start with the big ones: ebay, amazon, farnell, digikey etc'). When ordering the rack mounting ears keep following in mind:
  1. The type of rack will you install the miner in and more specifically the distance between the Rack’s mounting brackets (you may ask your hosting provider to provide you with this information)

  2. The Miner depth is 475mm.

    Rear view

    Front view

  3. The screws used to hold the rack mount ears to the Miner should be #6-32 x 3/8”

My unit is not responding after a firmware upgrade. How do I recover it?

Follow the instruction in this post in the technical blog.
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